How To Install

BEFORE YOU BEGIN : Please ensure you have yo latest version of WordPress(for perfect results) . The current version 3.4.1 on 10 July 2012.

IMPORTANT : You probably have to skip after step 3. The steps below of its prepared for emergency/failed(never happened) auto installations.

There is one video tutorial available to first time install of Increative WordPress Template, click here to watch video tutorial.

* Note : After installation (importing dummy data) probably (if no prior settings) your sidebars will be empty or some of them filled with unnecessary widgets and site wont look-a-like preview. Please set them as mentioned in here.

** Note : Our theme uses OptionTree as framework. We have tested there is no problem with previously installed OptionsTree but we recommend better backup your current settings for previously installed plugin.

1 - Login to your WordPress administration panel and go to Appearance > Themes > Install Themes > Upload

2 - Choose the zip file which contains of Increative WordPress theme and hit Install Now button

3 - If everything was OK you will get a screen like below. Then click to Activate link. And you will be there “Appearance > Theme Options

VERY IMPORTANT : If everything gone well up here you will be forwarded to Appearance > Theme Options panel. You can skip after step 3.





If you are reading this, auto install failed for you for some reasons. Try the following solutions;

Solution #1 : Appearance > Theme Options and then click on “Reload XML” button. You will be prompted to sure about it, click “OK“. Then you must be done. (Recommended)

Solution #2 : Please try to update your WordPress to latest version and try again.

Solution #3 : Go there, “wp-content/themes/increative/option-tree” (over ftp or on your local path) and delete or move following files to use somewhere else to use it in importing process.

  • layouts.txt
  • theme-options.txt
  • theme-options.xml

If you are applied the “Solution #3″, follow the steps below for manual theme options setup.

4 - Well, now you must be on Theme Options XML page looks like below.

5 - You need 2 files to complete this process. This process will loads Theme Options and default values for them. Download Theme Options XML (right click and Save File As) file and Default Values (right click and Save File As) text file.

After your downloads completed;

- Hit “Upload” button and choose the recently download XML file (theme-options.xml) and click on “Import XML” button. You will see an small popup window about status.
- Open the text file that you have recently downloaded, copy the content of it and paste into “Theme Options Data” box and then click on to “Import Data” button to import it. And again you will be informed about status.

Check “Increative > Theme Options” now to ensure everything is OK there. Questions or problem? available.

Enjoy. You are done with theme installation.