Page Properties

Home Page Item Options

Home Page?  : Please check this options if you like the current page available as an Front Page section.

Position : This option takes integer or string values determinate order of the Front Page sections.

Section Width : This options defaults set to 890px, but in some exceptions like full size slider that should be good to set it 100%

Margin & Padding : There are default values for the sections. In case you can change like we no use any margin or padding on full screen slider sections and only top-bottom available on SHOWREEL page.

Horizontal Content Align : Initial position of the content inside the section.

Page Options

Use Predefined Styles? : There are two available answer yes/no. That means you can set a predefined style at “Increative > Theme Options > Default Background Template” but when you choose to use this way “Background Color, Text Color and Backgrounds” which can be specific for each section/page will be disabled.

Sidebar :
As you can guess, just about sidebar. Left, right or none.

Background Color :Color of the current page/section. Use any string or hex color code.

Text Color :Font color of the current page/section. Use any string or hex color code.

Manage Backgrounds

Its all about parallax background. There are five layer for the backgrounds. Use them.

Note : Each level background have different speeds and movement properties earlier defined. To change them , simply need an advanced look into “footer.php”